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Ball dresses, the obvious choice

It is finally time for a real party, an occasion where there is no need to hold back. Maybe you’re attending a school ball or a wedding, regardless of the event a ball dress from Sofia Moore is the obvious choice. One thing to keep in mind is what kind of dress code has been specified for your event. Sometimes it can be good to wear a knee-length dress, other times it has to be ankle-length. However what's most important is that you leave for the party thinking "- Wow, I look amazing!".

At Sofia Moore we strive to make ball dresses with a sense of timeless elegance that shows off your best sides. We have a wide range of models for all event types and all dresses can be bought in custom length. Some of our current favorites are one-shoulder designs and models with open backs. Color-wise it can be fun to match your date and show that you belong together. For that specific need we offer a wide range of accessories in colors perfectly matching your ball dress.

We've had some of the best times attending parties and weddings and we're sure you will enjoy your event as well. If you have any questions or want advice when selecting the perfect dress don’t hesitate to contact our customer support, we love to help.

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Sofia Moore New Zealand

At Sofia Moore we started working towards a New Zealand presence in the beginning of 2014 and now, a little over two year later, we've realized our dream. We've been studying the local market and we think our ball dresses can be the silver lining of any New Zealand event.

We are currently looking for partnerships and collaborations with bloggers and companies that share our love and passion for beautiful ball dresses, if that's you just get in touch!